Wind Load Garage Doors - Thermacore®


The Thermacore® Collection 5745/5765 Series wind load models are thermally efficient garage doors constructed of polyurethane insulation. Series 5745 (Models 901-905) features an R-value of 12.12 and Series 5765 (Models 906-909) features an R-value of 16.22. Offered in a variety of colors, including bi-directional wood grain colors, this collection adds beauty to your home while meeting stringent building codes and agency requirements.​

Premium insulated garage doors designed to protect your family against hurricanes, high wind damage,​ pressure changes and wind-borne debris.


Door Design Options

  • wood garage door design 4x4 panels
  • garage door design 4x2 panels
  • garage door design 4 horizonal flush panels
  • wood garage door design 4x4 panels
  • garage door design 4x2 panels
Standard: Models 901 and 906
Long: Models 902 and 907​
​Flush: Models 905 and 909
V5: Models 903 and 908

V10: Model 904
Door Options