681 series


For applications when security is a priority, but you want to maximize air circulation, light infiltration and visual access to interior spaces. Short on the space required for installation, but long on handsome good looks, these grilles secure premises and guard against theft and debris with superior compactness and nearly endless design possibilities.

Open-air side-folding grilles provide security, while allowing air circulation and full visual access to interior spaces. This security grille offers a wide range of features to fit most any application where an open-air grille satisfies security requirements, such as in retail environments, malls, schools, offices and airports.


Manual unless size requires chain hoist

Curain frame 
Truss-like aluminum top and bottom plates; 1/8” (3 mm) thick

Panel width
7” (178 mm) standard body; 11 1/4” (286 mm) wide body

Aluminum clear anodized

Trolley Assembly 
1 1/8” (29 mm)

Track Detail 
Top-mounted, heavy-duty aluminum sections
Height: 1 5/8" (41 mm)
Width: 1 3/8" (35 mm)

Track curves and radius
90°: Wide body: 22” (559 mm) radius
120°, 135° and 150°

Post Types
Lead post
Hook lock and wall channel; bi-part; top and bottom shoot bolts
Intermediate post
Bottom shoot bolt​​​​​
Trailing end post
Traveling; fixed; hook lock and wall jamb; top and bottom shoot bolts; carrier

Locking Mechanisms 
Lead post
Concealed cylinder-operated hook lock accessible from interior and exterior
Intermediate post
Concealed cylinder-operated shoot bolt accessible from one side only
Trailing end post
Attached 10’ max. (3048 mm) protection plate self-locking into a steel V-Stop​​

24 month OEM limited​​​​​​​​​​​

Door Options