596 series


The Thermacore® Sectional Door Model 596 is ideal for extra heavy-duty applications where both thermal efficiency and sound suppression are desirable. The 596 is constructed of 20-gauge galvanized steel with a flush, textured finish. The sectional steel door m​​​​​odel 596 incorporates the Thermacore® steel-polyurethane-steel panel construction, which provides a thermal barrier to withstand harsh climates and demanding environmental requirements.​


Standard max width 
36'2" (11,024 mm)

Standard max height 
24'1" (7,341 mm)

Panel thickness
2" (51 mm)

17.4 (3.06 W/m2)

.057 (.327 m2/W)

Sound Transmission Class 26
Ideal for applications that require sound control

Air infiltration
at 15 mph (24 kmph) .08 cfm/ft2 (1.46 m3/hr/m2)
at 25 mph (40 kmph) .08 cfm/ft2 (1.46 m3/hr/m2)

Thermal break 

Exterior Steel
20-gauge galvanized

Exterior Surface 
Flush, textured

Standard Springs 
10,000 cycles

10 year limited delamination
1 year limited on door
3 year/20,000 cycle limited on door & operator system (when purchased together; on material and workmanship) ​​​

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