180 series


Our garage door model 180 features the strength of steel and a standard panel simulated wood grain embossment to enhance the appearance of your door. The polystyrene insulation provides a 7.8 R-value for a more comfortable garage and a vinyl backing for a finished appearance. A 20-year limited warranty on these steel garage doors means it is built to last. A wide variety of window options are also available for these steel garage doors.


Standard Panel


Polystyrene insulation with an R-value of 7.8 for improved energy efficiency and sound reduction


20 Year limited

Vinyl backing

For clean interior appearance

Galvanized steel center stiles

For maximum strength and minimal weight

Durable finish

Hot-dipped galvanized steel with two coats of baked-on polyester paint

Embossed wood-grain texture

Adds beauty, sophistication and durability

Bulb-type bottom weatherseal

Guards against wind and rain while providing a cushion when closing

Door Options